lyrics from the album “WEIRD TALES FROM THE THIRD PLANET”


Thousand springs ago, a part of me was there

Universe is calling, mirror symmetry

Stones point to the stars, stars point to the stones

We’re caught into this amber drop

Our lives won’t end but can’t keep on

These stones mirror the sky on earth tonight

It’s a magic birth

It’s a mystic age

Read the prophecy

Written in the Sky


A voice calls me in a dream

An ancient calling in the howling wind

Pale grey dawn over the hills

Outside my door the small town sleeps

Hypnotized, I feel no scared

I know it’s something that gotta be made

The time has come, I have to leave

I need no baggage for this trip

Follow the path, the fathers speak to me

Vertigo of shadows in the circle of their dance

The Preacher speaks  in the Native Tongue

He’ll never speak to an heart of stone

Skin and bones, long white hair

His eyes are black wells deep like hell

He strains his arm, open his fist

Five small bones he gives to me

What is dream? And what is real?

In this desert I make a deal.

Falling in trance, the fathers dance with me

Vertigo of shadows, of the ghost dancers

Dance with the dead, holy smoke, beat of drums

The preacher rise up, and drive me into the dance.

On this higher plain he waited for me

Alone in desert for 9 long years

A lonely preacher in leather clothes

A goatskin flask and a silver cross

I’m drowning slowly in these sands

Sky is changing, clouds run fast

Heavy dark clouds are over me

All words were spoken the seed was spread


Walkin’ around in downtown, step by step

My head is floating fluffy in the air

I don’t care of nothing, the children smile

Too much colours shining, too much light

A blue whale now swims down in the bus-lane

Cars are driven by monkeys and there’s a yellow sky today

Loud laughters, clowns dancing

An alien barmaid pours me  beer

Ladies screaming, toads croaking

My selling rate comes to a head

I walk around in downtown

Crawling through the crowd

An old man and his lady look

Astonished and outraged

Loud laughters, clowns dancing

An alien barmaid pours me  beer

Ladies screaming, toads croaking

My selling rate comes to a head

Loud laughters, pigs snorting

Smartly sharks wait for the brunch

Belly-dancers, sad minstrels

I drink my beer and I watch the show

I walk around in downtown, my feet don’t touch the ground

My Head is floating free in the morning sounds

I don’t care of nothing please buy me a drink

And I’ll keep on walking softly with the morning breed

Loud laughters, clown dancing

The alien barmaid now smiles at me

Girls screaming, children singing

Outside the window the world pass by

Loud laughs, crowd screaming

Their voices enter into my head

Don’t stop laughing, don’t stop screaming

I drink the last beer and I’ll join you


Orange blast in a burning sunset

The road is a scar on the skin of the earth

Windscreen crashing in a dazzling light

But still we ride across the sky

Still we ride across the sky

Eyes of gold sleeps by my side

The taste of life is in my mouth

Our skin is cracked by the red dust

Sun in Leo reigns in the sky

Still we run from dark to light, Orion dogs watch over us

No surrender and ready for the flight

The Great Hunter rules in the sky

Flying over the top of the higher mountains

Floating over the forests of a virgin world

Looking for the place where the truth is kept

Looking for the place where we can be free


Sailing by sight, I drive into a sultry night

Stars by my side, gravity chains my thoughts to the ground

Sailing by sight, day by day, night after night

Hung by your lies, you don’t mind if I’m burning inside

Sailing by sight, without a compass, without a light

No mercy in your eyes

To be with is been like a fight

No mercy in your eyes

Hanged from your lies

Disgust in your eyes

Paranoid eyes


You and me and our friends, exploring valleys of green

Emerald winter path marked by the warm of the sun

Surrounded by evergreen, a slow parade through the ancient oak-trees

In the silence, mushrooms singing nursery rhymes of childhood’s days

Suddenly into the glade

We felt her presence but we weren’t afraid

We heard her voice talking through the trees

A softly sound blowing in the breeze

“Silver Veins was my regal name

I’ve been here before the human’s age

Man forgot his thoughtful mother

Man betrayed his lovely sister

Believe in me, these stones can speak

Put the right question, don’t waste this trip.

Remember me and these rusty pylons

These crumbled walls of broken bricks.

Grey ruins into the sacred forest

Men’s failure lie in eternal rest

The Iron Century of man suffering

In my maternal embrace has its silent decay”.


Look at me, my face

Now whipped by the wind

Look these hands, I still can’t believe to what I’ve seen

Out of breath, two suns in the Doomsday sunrise

A dark cloud  has chained the night to the ground

When I learned to fly, I felt like god

Sat in the cockpit of glass,

Swimmin’ in the infinite blue

We were looking for the atomic sunrise

We were waiting for the Hell to come

When I learned to fly I was the king of the World

Sittin’ in the cockpit of glass, swimming in the infinite blue

Under a leather helmet

Pointing at the Sun

Riding a Dragonfly

Between the sea and sky


Sleeping wet on summer afternoon

Bited by mosquitoes, I had a dream

The Air Cavalry was riding above the beach

And we were fighting against the Japaneses


lyrics from the album “EREBUS”


Heavy thoughts eating up my brain

I got spiders into my head

Cold shivers down my spine

I am drowning in my bed

Like a fly caught in a web

I’m a train gone off its rail

When the spiders eat my brain

I feel naked in the rain

Don’t follow me, don’t ask to me

I have lost my mind far away from here

Don’t trust in me, run away from me

I’m not that kind of guy that you’d like me to be


I see you dancing like a gipsy

Shining brightly like a star

All those dudes wheelin’ around you

Just like flies around a light

Now my world starts dancing around you

And I’m sliding down the floor

I think I’m drowning in a bottle

While my eyes are watching you



Day by day, hour by hour

My life sinks down in a lie

Step by step, hanging around

I dig my hole in the ground

I hear voices calling me

They’re chasing me through the fog

I try to run away from here

But I can’t find my way home

One by one false friends are betraying me

The dogs are showing their teeth

Naked hands and cracked skin

I dig my hole in the ground

Slow slow slow the river flows

The poison runs through my veins

Slow slow slow the river flows

We’re waiting for the rain

I’m drowning in these troubled waters

Sinking down into the deep

I feel my bones become heavier

And the river is dragging me down

Lost souls are twisting around me

They’re twisting into the flow

Cold hands are grabbing my ankles

I’m trying to swim to survive


Slow sunset of a long summer

Childhood’s end left a trace on my face

But my soul still plays here

An old woman sits in front of her house

Those walls made of mud and straw

Endure through the years standing still

Behind this uplands the cradle of my world

I search for a shelter to clean my wounds

Cause these walls made of mud and straw still stand

We stay here, we still stand

We belong to this place, to these dry fields

We stay here, we carry on

We belong to this land, to this mud and straw

We stay here, we survive

Now the barley grows, and the storm has passed


Let’s have another beer

Let’s play another song

Keep on smiling my brother

Don’t leave me alone

While you’re travelling for a million miles

Reaching the speed of light

I’m watching the sky collapse

While you’re crossing the gates of time

I’ve seen those eyes in the mirror

I’ve seen a shape in the corner of my eye

I’m searching for a door to cross

While gravity stretches the time

Lost in infinite dreams

So far away from my mothership

Like an ape on a silver raft

As a castaway survived the shipwreck

Now my prow points to the Swan’s tail

The lighthouse of deeper space

Far away many light-years from home

I’m a lonely sailor but I’m not alone

I’ll never be alone

(to Cris Nocco)

all lyrics by Guido “El Chino” Solinas



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